Thursday Night Dungeons and Dragons

The Kogleshal Library
Altered Plains

The group begins in a split session; our first set of heroes consisted of Valeck, Stoen, Shaed, and Noxewar. They stand staring at statues in a state of inanimate presence. They were familiar faces, there was statues of Carac Rowan, Dravok, Monocraig, and Gallahash. How could this be?

In our other group, Sheyden Velos and Da’Rial, had been exploring in a library located within Kogleshal. Sheyden Velos decided to stay back in darker pars of the library, as Da’Rial insisted to be dangerous and interacted with the Wizards.

The Koleshian Dwarven Wizards stood in a state of focus to emit their energy into a fairly lage crystal ball, about 10 ft tall. Da’Rial immediately goes to interrupt one of the Dwarves.

“Hey, what you doing…?” says Da’Rial
No response…

Suddenly, a shadow figure appears, from above the bookshelf in the library, and shoots a blow dart directly into one of the Wizards. The dart pierces the Dwarf and instantly kills him!

Da’Rial focuses his energy to roll the ball in his direction. As thew ball stumbles off the stand and rolls on-top of one of the Wizards. Another Dwarven death, as they all are unfocused from their magics and turn towards Da’Rial.

“So, what are you doing?” says Da’Rial once more.

A controversy breaks out about the Wizards and the Psion. Eventually, they return back to their state of focus and in the meantime killing Da’Rial with a consecutive 4 magic missiles.

While this is all happening, the remaining group now stand in an emptiness white sanction due to Da’Rial‘s ignorance of the crystal ball. Of the statues, more enhanced versions appeared with disruption to the Wizard’s focus. Goldenboy, Carac, and Monocraig all had to be fought and left the group down to only the remaining power house of the damage and tank, Valeck and Stoen Kavaki!

It took much time and effort to defeat the foes; however, it had been done, though with the fate of Shaed and the near death of Noxewar.

Sheyden Velos introduces himself to the Wizards after dealing with one of the shadow figures, which had turned out to be a Doppleganger! It ran in fear it seems, though still to return. When talking to the Wizards, Sheyden Velos immediately told them of Dopplegangers and they fled through a portal back into Kogleshal. It had transported all the members of our group back into the main streets of Kogleshal as the adventurers that had just foughten a hard battle, wake up as if their body had just been teleported through plains of travel.

The Gaurding Caven
Goblin Infested Caves

My goodness, what might Da’Rial and Sheyden of got themselves into? And what might the other group members be occupying themselves with? Well in this adventure, we start off with the group buying some items for preparation for whatever Carac has in mind for them. It seems we pickd up some black marketed items, especially the Magic Orb Da’Rial got his hands on for an exceptional price. With much indentation and scratches in it.

The day turns night, or at least we can assume in these caves, and the group is headed to the feast that Carac is hosting in the Steel Castle. When entering, the name of the castle stands for what it means! Iron doors, steel floors, and metal furniture. During the east, Carac announces the quest among the table.

For many years, the Guarding Cavern held the ancestral dragons from the origin of Vantal’s beginning. The final ancestor had been killed from the wandering Dravok among the caves. Last spotted, running out of the cave with pure dragon blood on the blade of his dagger. Now the cave holds an entire population of goblins within. It is given to the group to successful exterminate the problem. With the pay of 400GP each, the group rightfully accepts.

Carac allows a free stay in the Steel Castle and in the morning leads them to the gate of Guarding Cavern. The door is enormous and is pushed by a total of 10 Dragonborn soldiers to open. When the group enters, they immediately walk into a flying arrow trap. Straight into the leg of the scouting Hyena, Banzai.

From this point on much brawling and encounter goes on with many goblins and small fury critters. Until the group discovers an altar, with the Dwarven inscribing of “Seek those who fear!”

Vantal: City of the Great Brawling Guild

Much fighting and gambling went on through this adventure; the group began at the sight of the fallen Rabbid Hyena. Once the monster was killed, another iron door had been encountered that simply had nothing behind it and apparently showed exact physical resemblance to the previous one. In plains sight, magic was useless, when it came to Valeck’s attempt of sending a Magic Missile at the door which reflected itself of the iron door and collided back at Valeck. Not much damage was done and the door remained sealed. It must of been some gaurded by some external magic energy…

With pure strength, Stoen, Shaed, and Da’Rial gave it a good budge. With success, the door had been opened, but when stumbling to the other side, it turned out o be a portal, leading to a very small rock island that stood in the middle of a pool of lava. This wasn’t just any cave that the door led them to, this was significantly the interior of a volcano. Lava spewed out the sides in such rapid action, and now our characters sit on this rock stranded on lava.

In the distance, a steel ship, the size of a yacht, sailed through the lava within course of colliding with the rock. The group noticed two anchoring chains on the side and only about a 10-foot height of the ship. With great stretch, Stoen safely makes it onto the ship. Through swift climbing skill, Shaed and Sheyden pull themselves up with the chains.

“Who are you!?” the leader of the deck crew shouted. Shaed insists to reply,
“We were sent by ”/characters/gallahash" class=“wiki-content-link”>Gallahash from the Ziliminjaro clan to see Carac."

In the meantime, the other members are in a bit of struggle getting aboard ship. Noxewar especially, as he is in assistance from Sheyden to climb an average rope. With a little more struggle, they all make it up only to see Shaed using his charismatic ability.

“What is your business for being here!?”, with more anger from this leader.
“We have come to see ”/characters/carac-rowan" class=“wiki-content-link”>Carac Rowan“, insisted ”/characters/shaed" class=“wiki-content-link”>Shaed.

With some ease, the group goes to the lower parts of the ship to talk to Carac. It is supposedly him in the flesh. He sits in his chair reviewing battle maps and strategy boards.

“Who are they?”, he calmly says.
“They climbed aboard and insisted they see you sir.” the leader says in reply.
“Very well, of what business do you stand for?”, with great concern CCarac Rowan asks.

The group then explains the great war with Kogleshal that is up rising. Carac takes great interest but tells them of what honor his army takes into consideration. In the attempt to show honor, he hold up a hand crossbow and asks who is able to use one of these.

Shaed volunteers to accept the duel offer. As they then take 10 steps back-to-back and turn to fire. Shaed hits! It’s a miracle! Carac then agrees to the terms of helping the war against Kogleshal and has a conversation with the group all the way to Vantal. He tells the group about how the Dwarves of Kogleshal killed the last remaining ancestral dragon in the Gaurding Den. He also tells of Vantal’s reputation of the Underground Brawling Guild and how brutal it is.

Vantal’s economy revolves around gambling from fights, duels, and competitions. Especially at the infamous Brawler Guild in downtown Vantal. The group used Banzai for creature fighting, and Stoen fought hand-in-hand brawl along with Da’Rial’s demonstration of Psionic power with magic fighting.

It is now in the hands of Carac to send this group on their next task. Once dinner is called upon, so much possibility can be told for the group to accomplish…

The Continuing Adventure of 2014
Adventure Continues...

Much has happened in the world of out adventurous characters. To begin, the Ziliminjaro clan had been attacked by the Bamboolites and after noticing all the slaughtered Orcs in the camp, the group decided to retreat towards a town named Orgash. It was suggested they move towards this location due to the suspected retreating place of all the clans leaders, especially Gallahash. Monocraig joined the group in finding his clans leader as he also has the pay for retrieving the kidnapped spell-caster.

Arriving at the town of Orgash, the group visits town hall. There, they are politely greeted by a secretary that had written them a signed pass from the mayor of Orgash to allow the group to see the quest holder, Gallahash. When the group finds Gallahash, he is in a critical condition. Not able to talk or listen as he is in a very deep sleep. Fortunately, the group had received a pay of 300 Gold upon arriving to the Barracks that Gallahash was being treated at.

Overnight, the group stayed at an inn/tavern within Orgash. Valeck and Shaed had been interrupted during their sleep by some odd noise at the door. Valeck checked the door as he found himself then being held in the arms of a Dwarf with a dagger to his throat. Shaed hid underneath the covers, until eventually he found himself in a position of needing to help. He frees Valeck and the Dwarf runs out the tavern. He is then being fought while running away towards the barracks.

Questioning the Dwarf, the group find out about what type of group this assassin works for. He tells the group of the Mandelan monarch that is located in an underground civilization called Kogleshal. He won’t give much more information and is no longer needed as he is brutally killed helplessly.

Later in the morning, the group leaves Monocraig at the inn, and travels back to the barracks of Orgash to talk to Gallahash. He tells the group of his notable dream that he had. It had been about the Dwarven assassin that he recognized to be Dravok. He reminds them of his belonging to the Mandelan monarch; the group then notifies Gallahash of the disrupt overnight.

Gallahash proceeds to asking the group for assistance in a great battle that is to up rise in only a matter of months. The Kogleshal is a kingdom of Dwarves that are congregated below the surface of Orgash and use Tieflings as slaves. The Mandelan monarchy controls the kingdom and is a threat to Orgash, as they are to unleash havoc upon the neighboring cities around the town of Orgash and Orgash itself. Gallahash asks that the group recruits the help of three underground cities below the surface and in between Orgash and Kogleshal. They are in need the asstance of the Wizards in the first underground layer to provide the use of magics in the upcoming war, Carac Rowan, Leader of the Dragoborn Brawling Society, to assist the troops and warriors of Orgash, and Sir Redfield, Leader of underground Human mining facility to gain recources for the war.

The group have troubles opening this reinforced iron door, but thankfully make it down over the overhanging ridge, almost in a healthy state. Entering the town, they notice that the water is not moving and there is no splash or ripple effect when a stone is tossed into the river. Leading down into the town, the group finds a group of six wizards in Callopsis. Found in a suspended state, along with the civilians around them, they have been imprisoned through there mind and power into a Dwarven inscribed chalice.

Sheyden lays his hands to find himself stuck to the shoulder of the Wizard and now seems to be only the solution to reanimate the group of spell-casters. When removing the chalice, all but one wizard safely reanimate as the other is now deceased. The all fling into a panic, until Da’Rial seizes them to peace. When Sheyden regains the use of his hand, vertically, the hand is now half gone. In the end of this whole conundrum, the group’s ranger/archer has only 1.5 hands and now have recruited the Wizards for the great war that is up rising.

Mirages of Characters Past

The adventurers began to leave Callopsis. Their set goal was to head towards the town of Genopris and assure safety to the Tieflings that were recently threatened with the loss of their water supply. Which now is restored, thanks to the party. As the group moved through the barred wasteland and to the town, a very thickening fog was arising. The players were beginning to lose sight of each other and encountered a very vivid mirage that had some significance to their past.

Sheyden had a very intense meeting with his mother. He admitted to being such a prankster and trouble maker, though he is the one who holds grudge towards his mother for not having any responsibility for it. He stands very angry with his now deceased mother and wants of no business with her. Even in spirit. Sheyden chose to abandon his mother as a boy and now she has revisited with him in form of a deceased mirage.

The Tiefling Wizard, Valeck, is very threatened and scared from a very significant character of his past. A man who is known to be a Dwarf and had great mistreatment towards his family, growing up. This man didn’t have a name that Valeck could recall, though he just remembers the tough times that this mirage has posed towards the family among the outskirts of his hometown. Valeck is terrified and also wants no business with engaging the Dwarf again.

Da’Riel had the chance to revisit with his sister. He explains that she was killed from his own hands. It was due to the development of his powers and now he feels very guilty for his actions. Though it was not his fault, he still loved his sister. Which means that he probably shows much more interest in having a relation with this mirage that he only could have with the tangible version of his sister. Something seems to be lurking within the Psion character that he still doesn’t know himself.

The Goliath himself, Stoen Kavaki, ran into some trouble himself. The spirit that he encountered was his wife. She sppeared to be bloodied; this could represent many possible outcomes to the character. Was she killed? By who? Did Stoen love his wife? Why was she killed? Or is she not deceased?

Gandhi seemed to have a very dark past. Something relating to the people he killed as the Shifter he is. He once belonged to a group of mercenaries that probably had some business with killing targeted people. The mirage he saw was relating to the people that have fallen to the hands of Gandhi himself. As if they want revenge or to make him feel intensively guilty for what he has done. Very deep background that Gandhi has yet to be proven.

When the fog fades away, the group remains present with each other. No one was harmed; Shaed and Learns seemed to not of experienced anything and rest at the camp that the group was later taken to, after being surrounded by force. Thankfully the group submitted to the demands of the tribal Orcs and went to their camp of Zilimanjaro. The camp was known to own great amounts of land and be led by Gallahash. This particular Orc leader requested some business with the group. He asked that they retrieve a kidnapped clan member that was titled their only remaining spell-caster.

With an offering of 200GP, the group decided to accept. With the use of horses they traveled to the opposing group called the Bamboolites. Another Orc group that had the objective. On the way, they pass by a cave in which they hear the voices of the mirages that they had experienced prior to the arrival in this dense and very tropical forest. A new terrain in which, Sheyden heard the voice of his mother. He had no hesitation to advanced in the cave and get revenge for the mistreatment he felt his mother gave him. Da’Riel warned him of it only to be magic, but he disregarded the advice. Valeck andStoen stayed back to scout the Bamboolite camp, which they were sidetracked by with a group of Kobolds.

In the cave, the group moved along fighting several zombies that were of past relation to Sheyden, along with a Skeleton uncle, a pet that was represented by the image of a rat, and his own mother in the form of a spider. She gaurded some loot which seemed to be of use to the party, after she was slain.Stoen and Valeck moved into a hole that led to the same cave and found a fountain.

The fountain was perceived by Valeck as a student in his Wizard school. The student was known to be an evil spell-caster that was guided with use of elemental magic. Later in the semester, the student went missing and now has a statue in this dungeon that is used as a spigot for water in the fountain. Valeck recognized the student as Reed.

The other three group members went towards an altar room. In there, no threat of creature was found. However, a ritual book was found in the room on the altar. The shrine had engravings on the altar which no one could make out in reading. The book itself had inscribing that did not relate to their language. But it was for sure known to be a ritual book in the eyes of Da’Riel.

Tonight, We Strike!
Destroying the dam setup.

Our group of adventurer’s definitely ran into some intense battles. Encounters involving Lizard folk and reckless Human soldiers. The group began with a plan to first infiltrate the camp of Lizard merchants. This was proposed for Shaed to do since he portrays the role of a Rogue. The camp seemed to be filled with most members of the Lizard organization and have been still monitoring the dam at this time of night.

The party begins to move out as the sun has now set and the night is growing old. Down the road they meet up with Sheyden, who had been monitoring the area for Shead, and continue down the path. The group moves in very strategical and manages to eliminate all the Lizard folk, except the leader of them all. A big masculine lizard with the capability of growing a bushy red Mohawk. This monster was left with Shaed to manage until the party felt it was necessary to approach the camp after a long battle at the dam.

At that moment, Shaed was down to only a crossbow. Being that his dagger had been “thrown.” The group moves in after long fought stalling by the Rogue and manages to mark this monster deceased. Nothing out of the ordinary with loot but a little bit of gold to split up.

Back at town, early in the morning, the caravan arrives and the party rejoins with Conner, who decided to sleep in for this one. The leader we learned, is known to be called “Golden Boy.” At the gathering, he pays the party as they watch a ferocious kill to an innocent Tiefling farmer. Apparently shorting the kingdom of Westendale of his goods for gathering.

We begin another encounter and result with a pretty halberd and some decent armor from Golden Boy. After the fight, the party is left with so many options to go from here. They could take an unaccepted trip to the village or have a little talk with the town that issued the dam setup. Or possibly begin a new adventure somewhere else to travel towards among the land. So much is left for the group and we are left to find out what.

Character Creation and Story Building
The Town of Callopsis

The town of Callopsis was in danger of the beginning of a famine. This is the result from a group of Lizard folk Merchants blocking the river that passes through the two overlapping mountains surrounding the town. A dam had been set up in place of blocking river flow and preventing the on source of water form being accessed in Callopsis. The group has been a traveling party from town to town looking to make some money on the side. Our members consisted of Learns, the Shifter Runepriest, Gandhi, the Shifter Barbarian, Valeck, a Wizard Tiefling, Sheyden, the Eladrin Hunter, Stoen Kavaki the Goliath Warden, and Shaed the Changeling Rogue, who actually poses as a Human. These adventurers were left the option to save the town and gain a very large payment from the leader of a Human caravan which passes through to collect agricultural goods for the kingdom of Westendale. Or the option of leaving the people of Callopsis and initiate their famine tragedy.


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