Dax Triment

Githzerai Swordmage


Dax was once part of a noble house within Limbo. He was the second son of the house of Triment. He was mostly happy with his life, he got all the food he wanted, he owned land, he was rich. He was quite skilled in the arts of his family, to mix martial combat with magic. He himself had discovered an affinity for frost magic. But one day, his pride took the better of him.

One day, a Zerth came storming through the doors of the castle and demanded to see Dax. Dax’s father obliged ofcourse.
The zerth took Dax into a private room and sat down to speak with him. After that, long hours of discussion about what is right and wrong occurred. The zerth had been sent there to confront Dax, due to the fact that Dax had refused to become a zerth himself. He chastised Dax, and told him that if he didn’t want to dishonour his family he had to become a zerth.

After many hours of discussing and chastising, Dax had heard enough. He drew his sword and attacked the zerth. When guards came to investigate the odd sound they had heard, they found Dax standing over the dead body of the zerth. They arrested him on the spot.

After several days of contemplating, Dax’s father decided that Dax should be exiled, to the normal world. This was quite unusual but not unheard of, the most common place to exile a noble, was to the Feywild.. Dax regreted his decision greatly and pleaded his father to not send him away.
But his father didn’t listen.

Now he wanders the land, still pridefull, still regreting what he had done, and seeking redemption…

Dax Triment

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