Sheyden Velos

Eladrin Hunter


The Velos family of the Eladrin is a fairly well known family who’s call to fame is its members unparalleled skill in archery. Sheyden was no exception. His training began on his 4th birthday. after 5 long years of hard training, He was declared a master of the bow an arrow, however something sinister was happening inside the back of Sheyden’s mind

He began to play pranks, harmless ones at first, on the other members of the family. The pranks were absolutely thrilling to his young mind. They went from simple and harmless to more extravagant, complicated and, most of all, dangerous. After years of Sheyden’s pranks, they were beginning to get out of hand and the Eladrin Nobles began to take him as a threat to their utopia. For fear of disgrace and punishment from the Nobles, the Velos family exiled Sheyden at the age of 24. Setting out upon his new adventure into a world of opprotunity and chaos, Sheyden looks forward the day he returns to enact the greatest, most elaborate prank the world has ever seen.

One the nobles will forever remember and fear.

As he left the utopia of the Eladrin and the Fey Wild, Sheyden wandered onto a path. He had no clue where it was to go, however he didn’t mind. He just wanted to go somewhere, anywhere. A few days following the beginning of his journey, he stumbled across few travelers heading in the opposite direction. He hailed them and they said they were travellers from a town known as Collopsis. They left due to a drought and lack of water, which made living there unbearable. Smelling an opportunity for some coin. Sheyden inquired about how to reach said town. After receiving detailed directions, Sheyden progressed to the next town to stock up before journeying forth.

When he entered the weathered tavern, he overheard a conversation between two humans who clearly had more to them that met the eye. They were discussing the Collopsis rumors. He wandered over and said he was going there with hopes of making some coin, and offered if the two travellers would like to work together with him. After discussing it briefly, they agreed and gave their names, Learns and Gandhi. They were shifters as it turned out. As they moved from town to town on their way to Collopsis, they picked up a few more members, a Goliath, known as Stoen, a Tiefling named Valeck, another human who goes by Shaed (He believes something is amiss with him as well), and lastly one of his own kind, an Eladrin who calls himself Da’Riel Highborn. "I’ll be sure to keep my plans for our “Utopia” a secret from him especially" Sheyden thought. These members made them quite the interesting force, and one that is not to be trifled with.

Early in their adventures, Sheyden and his comrades entered collopsis and walked with, bodies littering the streets and gold in their pockets. However, when they left, a mist of unknown origins enveloped them and they were transported elsewhere, somewhere unknown….

Much has happened since the mist. From working for orcs, to gathering an army for an orc chief to combat a Dwarven kingdom known as Kogleshaw. While gathering the aid of Dragonborn fighters, the stumbled into a cavern to search for an ancient dragon. After slaying goblins and skeletons one after another, they came to an altar of flame. Da’Riel decided it would be a good idea to hold a magical chalice towards it, and the cup began to be pulled toward the flame. Da’Riel refused to release the cup and was sucked in along with it. They waited a while to see what would happen, confusion on everyone’s face.

A flash appeared in Sheyden’s eyes and the next thing he saw was not the cavern he was in, nor the altar Da’Reil the racist disappeared into due to his greed. Instead, he was in a gold-covered chamber, pillars of bricked gold engraved with silver lined the sides. A large desk and chair towered in front of him: Within that chair sat a dwarf of almost noble appearance. He turned around and there he saw Da’Riel. Sheyden gave him a quizzical look and the dwarf behind him boomed, “You are here to represent the Eladrin behind you in the court of law. We have confiscated the cup he stole from us, the Kogleshaw Kingdom, and now want to hear an explanation. Do you accept this request?” After giving Da’Riel another dirty look, he agreed to represent him. After much court debate and the relinquishing of the ritual book Da’Riel still had, they managed to get off the hook. The Judge dismissed them into the library to figure out what they were doing them.

Upon entering the library, they could see wizards focusing on a large orb, within which their friends could be seen. Sheyden felt a deep feeling that something bad was afoot. Da’Riel began to approach the wizards but a dark figure appeared at the top of a book shelf and shot an arrow at him, nearly missing him. As soon as it appeared, it disappeared then reappeared across from the wizards. It fired a blowgun at one of the wizards and ended his life. After failing to kill the assassin, Da’Riel pulled the large orb off it’s pedestal and killed another wizard. Sheyden wanted nothing to do with what was going on and remained back. Da’Riel killed two more before the wizards riddled him with holes made from magic power piercing his flesh. “well,” Sheyden thought, “that was unexpected, yet satisfying. I will no longer need to hide my plan from the group much longer.”

Sheyden knew the next step was to find this assassin. He feystepped to the top of a bookshelf to find the creature right next to him. after trading blows, it disappeared. He hopped down and informed the remaining Dwarven Wizards of the assassin, and they quickly prepared to leave. However, the wizards told Sheyden that the only way for him to leave through the portal with him was to tell him something secret of his. After thought, he decided he would share a taste of what was to come. “You see, the great utopia within the Feywild that the grand Eladrin race claim to have created will soon see a dazzling display of destruction and it will be orchestrated by my hand. So, Kogleshaw Wizards, I offer you all the magical information that is sealed within the vast library we Eladrin hold so dear. In return, you assist me with my plans.” A wicked grin spread across his face and he said “So, do we have a deal?” “We will negotiate on the other side” they said and they all plunged through the portal.

On the other side, Sheyden found himself back in a Kogleshaw city with his remaining comrades, battered and bloody, and a single wizard. After the party was aroused and they exchanged information about their fallen, Da’Riel and Shaed, they decided to make for the steel castle and discuss with the King what to do next. The dwarven wizard informed the group he was definitely not on the good side of the public and would need some way of being escorted to the castle. They decided to bind him, make it look as if we captured him and was escorting him to the castle, which provided no issues on the way. No issues except a lone githzerai, a creature of higher planes like Sheyden, who was far from home. He questioned why someone who looked to be of nobility was being treated with such disrespect. He was told to mind his own business by Sheyden and they parted ways, or so Sheyden thought. Upon entering the steel castle, they unbound the wizard and brought him in front of the king, where Sheyden and his group was charged with a task that would be most beneficial. The king wanted them to find the remaining wizards who did not appear at the end of the portal with Sheyden and the other wizard. Quite the tall order. When discussing terms, they came to find that Kogleshaw was in a jam in regards to finances and loyalty.

“I can fix that for you, O King of Kogleshaw.” The dwarf cocked an eyebrow at hearing this. “Well speak on, Highelf.” Hook, line and sinker Sheyden thought. “O King, I have a plan of sorts, gears turning and cogs being put into place. A land, overflowing with riches and knowledge just prime for the picking. If you help me, your worries will leave your mind until the end of your great great grandchildren pass to the next world. I cannot discuss details with you now, no, first we will complete this task for you, then I’ll offer more information.” “Very well, Highelf. Go to the changeling forest south from here. There, you should find a lead to the whereabouts of my wizards.” From there, they set off into the forest. When they began to approach the out fortifications of the Changeling camp, that is where strange happenings began.

Sheyden Velos

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