Tiefling Wizard


My name is Valeck Sintari. I am a Tiefling of a family that is of no importance. My father, an Alchemist, made enough money with his concoctions for us to get by, my mother took care of me, helped with house tasks and tended to crops in our settlement. They gave birth to me much later in life than most families.

I grew up in a small camp at the base of a mountain. It was a good spot because the size of the mountain offered us shade from the blazing heat of the sun for most of the day. Our community consisted of 6 families, working together to get by. There were only 2 houses built on this settlement, so there were 3 families in each house and things were often cramped.

Things went bad at the settlement quick when Dwarves who were living in a city on the other side of the mountain had built tunnels through for faster traveling. It led to months of dispute that led to violence, that led to my father becoming badly burned. We fled for our safety and found solace in Eallon, a human city that was a 2 weeks journey from our home.

My family found happiness in Eallon that we had not expected. My father’s potions and salves sold well in Eallon from locals and travelers. We bought a comfortable home and it paid for my schooling at the Wizard’s college. I took to magic with an ease that was not usual for my family’s lineage and my father pushed me to pursue that path.

I was amazed at the power of Enchantment magic. The ability to force others to bend to your will. I took in all of the knowledge with a sinister-like pleasure. I often amused myself with imaginations of returning to the Dwarven city and forcing them to their knees before me, grovelling at my feet, begging for forgiveness. Then eliminating them, one by one. It is a thought that I still find myself entertaining from time to time.

Unfortunately, my father has reached an age and a state of his injury where he cannot work anymore. His grip is lost, he cannot hold a flask or tube without dropping it. He cannot walk without use of his walking stick. He is now stuck at home, being taken care of by my mother who is also aging. Luckily my father has made enough money that they can carry on for a while without work, but that dwindles with each passing day.

Now 18, I leave home, on my own for the first time in search of work. Never having picked up on my father’s talent of alchemy, having studied so hard in magic, I had nothing to offer Eallon in terms of my abilities so I left in search of work to become the provider for my family.

Much has happened recently. I have been on several quests and friends have come and gone. Some have even perished. Learns and Ghandi could not handle the perils of our journey and decided to part ways. We found a new andventurer, Noxewar, a Wilden Druid who can assume the shapes of beasts. He is relatively quiet but he’s proven his worth on the battlefield.

We were investigating the Gaurding Cavern at the behest of Carac Rowan, a Dragonborn from the city of Vantal. He would offer us help with taking down the Cogleshaw Dwarves if we are able to clear the cavern. Unfortunately all who have entered have not returned. It has proved to be a challenge indeed. Among other things to happen, Da’Riel Highborn, the Psion stepped into some kind of portal and has not returned. Shortly afterward Sheyden disappeared from sight without notice. We still know not of either one’s fate.

We made contact with a Dwarven Mage who teleported myself, Shaed, Stoen and Noxewar to an unknown location where we found bodies frozen in place, just as we seen before. Oddly enough, these bodies were of foes from our past. Before we could investigate what was going on they began to animate, aggressive and out for blood.

In our final battle we faced Goldenboy and Monocraig, they proved to be a true challenge and in the melee Shaed was slain at the hands of Goldenboy, a vicious blow eviscerated our nimble friend in one strike turning him into a heap of skin and blood and his body changed before our eyes. With no time to waste on what happened to Shaed, Monocraig brought down ruinous lightning onto Noxewar, nearly killing him as well. I rushed to Noxewar to do whatever I could to stop him from dying. He would live, but was unable to continue in the fight.

Now, just Stoen Kavaki and myself were left to deal with Goldenboy and Monocraig. Stoen leap into battle taking on form of the Winter Herald. His massive body freezing over, his attacks were holding enemies in place and everywhere around him was so cold that it was hard to move.

My magic was on point in battle. I was able to control Goldenboy’s mind, making him attack Monocraig and summon spectral beasts to attack and hinder them. I even conjured a massive fireball that was so hard to control, I accidentally harmed Stoen when it exploded. The Goliath shrugged off the pain and together we were able to finish off Monocraig and then focus on Goldenboy.

When it was all said and done, Stoen and I stood victorious over the battle but there was little to celebrate. Noxewar is in extreme need of healing. Shaed is dead. Da’Riel and Sheyden have disappeared. It seems as though the legacy of these Gaurding Caverns may hold true and claim all of our lives.

Just when I felt as though I wasn’t able to go on, something happened. My body began burning with an inner fire. I didn’t know what was happening but all I knew was pain. All I could feel was pain. It burned through my body. Before I could react my body was lifted from the ground by unknown sources and fire engulfed my entire body. I thought to myself, “this is it, this is how I die”…but I didn’t.

I had forgot where I was and what was happening until I heard Stoen ask me if I was alright. I looked up at him and lifted up my hand. A ball of fire danced over my fingertips, bobbing and weaving at my will. “Better than ever” I said, amazed at my new found magical affinity.

I awoke suddenly, unaware of my surroundings. Looking around I found Noxewar, also just awakening, Stoen Kavaki who was struggling to get his bearings and much to my surprise, Sheyden. I felt a rise of elation and seeing my old friend Sheyden again. His disappearance in the Gaurding Cavern was unforeseen and left us all wondering what would happen next. I then looked around for Da’Rial and did not see him. Sheyden later told me that Da’Rial’s own ignorance got himself killed. It was sad to know that another life was lost with our campanion, Shaed. So while I did not see Da’Rial, what I did see was a Dwarf.

The Dwarf introduced himself as Vance, a Dwarven noble that was apparently not on the greatest terms with his people. He was looking for help into the Iron Fortress, if he were to go alone he would possibly be attacked. I seen no trouble in this, what’s one less Dwarf to me? One less problem, that’s what. Unfortunately Sheyden Velos was siding with the Dwarf and did a well enough job pining for him that majority ruled me out and we were to sneak him to his people. We had a problem with sneaking in though….a 7’ problem.

Being that Stoen is so big, we knew we could not attempt to blend in and sneak about, we needed a different plan. We opted to bind the Dwarf’s hands and pretend to be bringing him in as a prisoner.

We found little resistance from the people on our way there. There was, however, an interesting looking fellow who questioned our motives, we later found out his name to be Dax Triment , a Githzerai. When we questioned him back harshly, he backed off and let us on our way. We were also offered gold from another Dwarf who seemed to know Vance and did not particularly like him. Although I humored the Dwarf and asked him what he would give us for Vance (mostly to make the hairy bastard sweat), eventually we turned down all offers and made it to the Iron Fortress safely.

Inside the Iron Fortress we met with the King. This is the man we were sent to deal with by Gallahash himself. The King talked and I failed to listen to all the lies he was spewing but the gist of it is that there are Dwarven Sorcerers that are missing and he wants us, of course, to locate them and bring them back.

Sheyden Velos was quick to accept the terms of this quest. I hesitantly watched as the rest of our group came to the decision that yes, we would in fact carry out this quest. Oh joy. The King went on to tell us that we needed to travel to a nearby jungle to find where these sorcerers may be held. The jungle was inhabited with violent dopplegangers and they would surely not take our presence in an indifferent manner.

So Sheyden, Stoen, Noxewar and myself made for the jungle. Inside the jungle we found ourselves at a large wall with a large door. There was a tower in the front of it and we could see movement at the top. A lookout, for sure.

As we were deciding tactics on how to approach we heard movement from behind us, we readied ourselves for combat and found it to be the Githzerai, Dax Triment. He followed us as we trekked through the jungle. He was curious about what we were doing. Just as we were getting into a discussion as to whether or not to allow him to join us, a loud crashing noise was heard from the tower. We look over and see none other than a Minotuar crashing though the walls. We all stood in complete amazement.

On the large wall we heard lots of commotion, the dopplegangers were now aware of presence on the field but not necessarily ours. “HI”! The Minotaur shouted as he waved at us hiding in some old dead trees in the jungle. My hand made a loud smack as I hit my hand into my head.

“Did he really just do that”? I said to the group. Judging by the motion of the dopplegangers, our cover was pretty much blown. The Minotaur charged into battle with little caution for his own well being, Stoen, Noxewar, myself and even Dax jumped into battle to help the outnumbered Minotaur, Sheyden kept position in the tree, firing arrows at will.

It was a tough battle. The dopplegangers were dropping from the walls to attack us with little regard to their own safety. Also, huge fiery boulders were crashing down on us from behind the wall. Dax and the Minotaur fought valiantly against the dopplegangers but it was obvious they were not well tested in combat as they fell. Through good coordinated attacks we were able to fend off the dopplegangers. After the battle we shared some healing potions with the Minotaur and the Githzerai.

The Minotaur who greeted us amiably, introduced himself as Truxaris Ironhoof. I had heard many stories of Minotaurs. Savage beasts who patrol dungeons and labyrinths, killing any foolish enough to enter their domain. This Truxaris was one of the friendliest creatures I’ve ever seen. He seemed quizzically anxious to befriend us. I couldn’t be certain, but he also seemed very young. No doubt the strength of a Minotaur could be useful, better on our side than anyone else.

The Githzerai intrigued me. I’m not certain what his motives are. I’m not even certain he’s truly interested in helping us. What I did see though was someone who did not back down from a fight that was behind his skill level. That’s either a strong will or stupidity. Time will tell since we allowed him to join us…at least for the time being.


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